Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Voila by Andreanne

Voila: From vois (“see!, look!”), second-person singular imperative of voir (“to see, to look”) and là (“there”), literally meaning "look there!".

Voilà par/by Andréanne: One of Canada's up and coming Aboriginal clothing design companies that offers eco-friendly, fair trade clothing made in Canada. From the initial sketch to pattern making, cutting and sewing, everything is produced in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

When I first saw the Voila by Andreanne line in the shop, I was immediately drawn to it. From across the room, the fluid-looking dresses and tops were practically begging me to cross the room for a closer look (and touch). I knew at a glance that this was no ordinary collection; and, once I had the fabric in my hand, I knew I was holding on to something special.

While the garments themselves have an easy, elegant look, the feel of the fabrics is what sold me. Using blends of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and lycra, designer Andreanne has managed to fuse environmentally-friendly with pure luxury. These are pieces for eco-conscious comfort-creatures with a keen sense of style (and humour).

The dress pictured above is just one of the beautiful and unique items in the Voila by Andreanne collection. It features a stunning freehand painting by local Aboriginal artist David Albert on the skirt. Come in to the shop to see more from Andreanne and add a piece of locally-made wearable art to your wardrobe today!

~ Rebecca

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