Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everything is ticketyboo at Mozy Rue!

Goodness, I've barely had my morning pail of coffee and I'm already starting in on the bad rhymes. I'm a poet and I...oh, nevermind. ;-)

Seeing as I will be working in the shop tonight, I thought I would make today's post about me, myself and me. And, seeing as I am the only one with the password to this blog, no one can stop me! I'll keep it brief, though, and just share with you a couple of the things that I have in my little section.

The two things I want to share with you have a couple of common threads (pardon the pun)...can you spot them? First of all, they both share a bit of an Asian influence; a style that I am always drawn to, which is no doubt due to my 8+ years living on the West Coast. Secondly, they are both "upcycled"; the pillow spent the first part of its life as a t-shirt, and the wood and silver pendant once graced a Scrabble board. Thanks to a little stitching, stuffing and stamping they are ready to decorate your couch or your cleaveage (I'll let you dedide which is which).

David Bowie "Serious Moonlight tour" t-shirt Pillow - $25

Cherry Blossom Scrabble pendant (with black cord necklace) - $12

~ Rebecca


  1. OMG! Where did you find this pillow! I'm searching through the Web but without sucess.

    Thank you,

  2. I wouldn't try to stop you even if I had the password! I love your stuff AND you've given jake + cleo lots o' blog time lately :)

    p.s. don't tell Em but your Bruce pillow rocks.