Friday, August 20, 2010

Tell me something good(s)!

Hooray! After much goading and threatening (I kid!), Just the Goods’ goods have arrived at the Mozy Rue ECO Collective!

I first met Milena, the gorgeous curator/activist/purveyor-of-goodness behind Just the Goods, at a craft show last November. Although we were set up in different rooms, I could literally feel the buzz that she and her products were generating. It seemed like everyone who stopped by my table was applying (and raving about) the amazing lip balm that they had just purchased. By the time I made it over to introduce myself to Milena, however, she was sold out! Good news for her, but bad for me. ;-)

In the time since that show, I have continued to hear nothing but great things about Just the Goods shaving creams, toothpastes, body butters and, yes, lip balms. You just have to scroll through the reviews on their site to see the coast-to-coast fan-base that they have generated by selling locally and through their Etsy shop.

So, what are “the Goods”? Just the Goods is a locally-made line of skin care products that contain the best quality, natural, vegan* ingredients. True to their name, their products contain “just the goods…and nothing else”. All JTG products are produced without parabens, sulfates, petro-chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances and dyes or colourants. Everything is made under the credo that everyone should be able to enjoy every day indulgences, but not at the cost of our Earth or our health. Affordable and accountable? What’s not to love?

We are so excited to be carrying the Just the Goods line of handmade, vegan skin and body-care products in the shop; and, according to Milena’s blog, they couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With a temporary slow-down in production and shipping, local fans can stop by Mozy Rue to get their fix of “the Goods”. And, this time I know better than to wait; my toes will never forgive me if I don’t snap up some of the foot butter before it’s all gone!

* Beeswax and Lanolin are non-vegan ingredients that are used to make JTG’s lip balm; however, both are harvested without causing harm.

~ Rebecca

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Thank you so much, Rebecca! I'm thrilled to be represented at Mozy Rue Eco-Craft Collective!! The store is AMAZING!!! Anyone who hasn't been down to shop their hearts out on local, handcrafted goodness needs to get down there right now!! ;-) Everythng is Ticketyboo, EmmsgEM's, Periwinkle Designs, The Velvet Vixin and sooooo much more! Truly wonderful! I'm so excited and oh how I wish I could have managed to join you sooner!!
    Thanks again =-)