Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey, it's Tijit!

Last night, I arrived at the shop to work my shift and I saw 3 things that made me very happy. The first was the pair of smiling faces that greeted me at the door (although, truth be told, I *was* holding a box of cupcakes), the second was seeing that the Bruce Lee pillow from the window had gone to a good home (possibly adding to one of the aforementioned smiles, as well), and the third was the new rack of t-shirts by Tijit that has take up residence on our north wall!

Tijit is (according to their Etsy profile): “a boy/girl duo who've been silk-screening our designs on to clothing since 2002 in cities like Peterborough, Montreal, and currently Winnipeg. All of the proceeds from Tijit go towards our groceries!”

I have been fans of their clever t-shirt designs for quite a while, but I have recently become hooked on their blog, which features Devon’s bittersweet (but mostly sweet) drawings based on her experiences working at a nursing home.

I wonder how I can get my hands on a "Mildred" t-shirt...