Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oil on Canvas, Thread on Denim.

Andrew Lennard Taylor Bickford is a painter and designer who creates clothing pieces that transcend fashion and become pieces of wearable art. Even something as seemingly utilitarian as a pair of jeans, a jacket or a cardigan becomes a statement of individuality at the hands of this talented designer/artist. What makes the pieces particularly appealing, besides their uniqueness, is their inherent functionality. These items are meant to be worn and enjoyed!

We have just added several pieces from the Lennard Taylor collection to our ever-expanding mix of fabulous and funky fashions at the shop. If you are not familiar with this local talent, then you should definitely come in and check out his work.

And, on behalf of the artist himself, I am happy to extend this invitation (below) to a show at the Lennard Taylor studio at 89 Princess Street, on Friday evening from 5pm until “late”. Not only will you have a chance to view Andrew Lennard Taylor Bickford’s wonderful and powerful oil paintings, you will get to see his latest collection of garments, in the very space in which they are created.

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  1. Yes indeed it was an awesome art exhibits by Lennard Taylor.

    Alex Espinosa